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Here is a question for / users. Is there a way to backup a deb package from an existing system? For example, if the original deb has been removed from all the mirrors somehow, is it possible to re-create it from an existing machine some how?

Is there any graphical friendly backup software for Linux similar to Time Machine? I asked this before, but I can't remember the responses.

I basically want something that knows when it is connected to my home network, and do the backup to my NAS instead of trying to backup when I'm somewhere else, and my NAS isn't available.

"I got this! Mark Zuckerberg be like:"

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I was listening to BBC news this morning. I don't usually, but I was ironing my shirt, and figured why not.
I found it funny how they were getting "tech recruiters" to comment on the outage..... as if they are the industry experts on such matters 🤨

It's a bit annoying that the minio helm chart has been deprecated in favour of the minio-operator.
The operator doesn't support running as an S3 gateway, or NFS gateway.

I wish SMR disks were OK for ZFS. They are so much cheaper than other disks.

I have a Udemy subscription from work.
It has some interesting courses.

It's amazing how much faster transferring files can be using netcat vs scp thanks to not having encryption. Obviously not a great idea in all cases, but it can be useful

Why aren't there any idiot friendly, self-hosted, non-php e-commerce platforms?

I like Saleor, but you have to know python to be able to adjust it to how you want it to work. My Python knowledge is quite basic unfortunately :(
I'm not a fan of Magento, WooCommerce or Prestashop.

Trying to convert a CVS repository to Git.... so confused how this works. I'm lucky enough to have never worked with CVS.

Oddly, there are no Reallocated_Sector_Ct/Current_Pending_Sector/Offline_Uncorrectable, but the Extended offline test is failing.

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