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It's so annoying that hard drive prices seem to have kinda just stalled. In 2013 I bought a 4TB for £114.99. I need to buy a few more disks as I have I have two degraded arrays, and 4TB disks have only dropped to £98.99. 6 years difference, and only £16 drop. It sucks.

Hmmm I appear to have runing and federation is working. Now I need to find some rooms to join

Thinking about setting up a Matrix server over the weekend.

"A chesty cough can sometimes be a sign of another problem, such as asthma, heart failure or chronic bronchitis."

Well thanks Google. I just wanted something to help with this damn cough. Now I'm wondering if something is wrong with my heart.

Prometheus was alerting due to my postgres data volume approaching 90% disk usage. I usually set logical volumes to be small, and resize when needed, but before resizing it, I decided to check where all the space was going, and it turns out my database was around 12GB, so I ran a VACUUM on it and it dropped to down to 9GB. While not a huge amount, It's a 25% decrease. I'm happy with it. I don't think I need to resize the volume for a while now. :) This made me laugh. How can he think £80k year isn't even in the top 50%?! What on earth is he even doing to earn that much money considering he doesn't seem very smart.

Someone from just stopped by to convince us to vote Labour. I wonder if any of the other parties will also stop by or if it's just because my area is a Labour safe seat and they want to keep it that way

I need more RAM in my home lab environment. I want to run Elasticsearch but after ingesting just my Nginx logs for a few days it starts eating a crap load of RAM and eventually crashes :(

Holy crap this is hilarious. How can he find it so difficult to answer such an easy question.... and also not be able to use a mop properly?!

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