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@travis IIRC you use in your homelab? Just wondering how you structure it? Do you use the App of Apps pattern? or declare separate apps in ArgoCD for each deployment?

It's a bit annoying that can't disable SSL verification on a per-service basis (afaik)

For those running Kubernetes it might be worth asking themselves what they do with their credentials.

Today I moved mine into pass, the unix password manager and configure the kubeconfig to query them on demand, which means the certificates are now secured by my Yubikey:

Might be an idea for you as well, so I documented it for myself and others :)

#Kubernetes #infosec #security

Interesting, it seems have dropped NFS Ganesha in SCALE?

It would be kind of interesting to have a sequel for some natural disaster movies. I know it won't be as "intense" as the actual disaster, and probably more focused around politics and stuff like that, but it would be still be interesting imo.

Reading audiobooks is still reading.

If you say you read an audiobook you don't have to "correct" yourself. I'd argue that you /shouldn't/, that you'd get less correct.

There's no need to say "well no I didn't read it" if it was an audiobook. There's no need to put "reading" in scare quotes.

It's reading just as much as reading print is.

I know there are worse problems, but it sucks having my favored reading format denigrated by sighted people, even to the point of them denying it's "real."

Biscuit broke and fell into my tea. It was a custard cream too. :(

My two year old had an ear infection, and thr medicine the doctor prescribed makes him very sleepy.
I love how quickly it makes him fall asleep 🤣

Hmm is something wrong with mirror list? I'm getting a 503

This is cool:

OS-X running in a VM under docker. I'm not sure what I would use it for, but it's still kinda cool

Trying to clean up my alerting rules. Too many emails for false positives.

The #Bash has the notion of "integer" variable:

declare A=1; declare -i B=2
A+=3; B+=4
echo $A $B
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