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If I have a USB 3.0 hub, which has a bunch of USB 2.0 devices connected, taking into account all the overhead etc, should I be able to get close to 420 Mbps from each device until I get close to the 4.8 Gbps limit of USB 3.0? or am I being a dumb dumb?

my is falling apart. I really need to replace this ancient stuff with more reliable hardware.

This might be a dumb question, but is there a way to monitor USB bandwidth usage, and see if it is bottle necking?
I have a USB sound "card" that is behaving a bit weirdly. Googling suggests it could be a bandwidth issue, but I don't have that many USB devices so I have doubts if it is that.

3:15AM - Reading the PipeWire wiki because my USB sound "card" isn't working the way I want it to.

It's probably an anti-pattern, but I prefer to always deploy along side any application I deploy on . So traffic always goes Ingress (Traefik)-> Nginx -> Application.

Man, second time in two weeks that I'm sick. Kiddos catch something at school, and bring it home, and I end up sick too =_=

If you use mktemp -d to create a temporary directory in /tmp, please for the love of all things orderly in this universe…


"That's the evilest thing I can imagine"

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I've had my work MacBook Air for almost 3 weeks now, and I'm currently in a weird state where my fingers are kind of getting used to the Mac shortcut keys, but on the wrong laptop. When I'm using my personal (non-Apple) laptop, I keep pressing Mac shortcut keys, and on the mac I press Linux shortcut keys. So muscle memory is dysfunctional on both laptops now.

Hmm some of the "complaints" LTT has had about Linux in their gaming challenge... I just feel are kinda silly.
Sure, there are a lot of valid ones, but there are some which are really just unnecessary complaints

So many disks starting to fail.
They are 8 year old disks which have been running pretty much 24/7/365, so it is to be expected.
Hopefully over the next few months, there will be decent sales on disks to replace these with (and hopefully increase disk size at the same time!)

On a , which /dev/ nodes do I need to pass through to a container to have hardware transcoding support?

@sheogorath Heres a question you might now, Zincati is trying to update my FCOS K8S clusters, but it's erroring due to:
Packages not found: cri-o
Any idea why that would be? Afaik the cri-o package is available in the updates-modular repository, but tbh I'm not really 100% on how zincati/rpm-ostree works :S

Is it possible to run smartd in a container on a cluster some how?

One of my nodes is going bad, and I don't really know why. Every couple of days it hangs. When I plug a monitor in, it doesn't have a kernel panic or anything indicating any errors. Just frozen at the console login screen.

I stupidly procrastinated going to sleep until around 4:30AM.
My 6 month old daughter decided it was time to wake up at 5AM.
Finally got her back to sleep at 6AM, only for my other two kids deciding to wake up at 7AM.

I need to stop with this sleep procrastination 😓

I just watched .
I don't really know what to make of it. I was drawn in throughout the whole movie but tbh I didn't really fully understand what was going on.... but I'm guessing things will get clearer in the movies that will follow

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