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Switching to a Mac is causing all my muscle memory to fail.
| and @ and ~ are all in the wrong places. Using command instead of ctrl for a bunch of keyboard short cuts is throwing me off so badly. 😂

Cool. My new work mac book air works with my thunderbolt Dock. Last year, I tried aj Intel based Mac with the same Dock and it didn't work out of the box. I had to install some "thunderbolt unlocker" which allowed all devices to work, not just approved devices.

Only issue I have is only one display works, but that's a limitation of the laptop. Gonna have to buy a displaylink adapter to get the second montor on my desk working.

Looking at various different Terminal apps. Why does a terminal app need GPU acceleration? 🤔

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Hmmm using a Mac after a very long time. What is a good terminal app replacement? Is iTerm2 still good?

Hmm whats the best way to visualise 1500 time series from in ?
I can't aggregate these series, and displaying them in a simple graph makes the page slow down A LOT.

Can anyone recommend any service similar to PagerDuty to plug into for monitoring alerts? I want something that will first send a SMS, then escalate to a phone call if it isn't acknowledged

[root@localhost ~]# cat /etc/redhat-release
Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 9.0 Beta (Plow)

Lets see if my playbooks work with it.

working well it looks like :)
I have it running in my cluster.

Looks like Cloudflare is broken. DNS updates won't go through :(

There is a firmware upgrade available for my laptop's thunderbolt controller, but I need windows to apply it. so annoying.

Think it will be time for a new laptop soon. The coil whine from my laptop has been getting worse lately, and it's a bit annoying.

Perhaps I am being dumb, but are the installation media ISOs available yet?
I can't find them on the Red Hat site anywhere.

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Oh, RHEL9 Beta is out?
Funny thing a lot of companies I know have only just started to upgrade to RHEL8 🤣

Upgraded to 35. Nothing appears to have broken. I also can't really notice any immediate difference *shrug*

It's a bit annoying that Google Meet (and a lot of other similar apps) don't have a function for a loopback call to test audio.

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