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"Little contribution to the indentation war"

submitted by ablaniar

Power_On_Hours: 70309
Looks like it's finally starting to show signs of failing.

Only one Core machine left. I will convert that to TrueNAS Scale tomorrow evening hopefully.
I know Scale isn't "production ready", but meh. :)

My 4 year old started going to school last week, and now my two year old is super bored at home. He keeps coming to me and saying "daddy, i want to go to school too" 😂

I haven't seen any of the Die Hard movies, or Speed.

My goodness, people post the most cringey things on LinkedIn.
It's more cringey than other social networks in some ways.

Me and my wife started watching Squid Game Korean drama on Netflix. I'm hooked 😅

Man, I get jealous of some Linus Tech Tips videos.

I know it might be a bit silly and petty, but I get very frustrated when people who obviously know less about a specific topic, try to help with a question you have on reddit/stackoverflow/forum.

I just got told to use autofs to solve my NFSv4 mounting issues in kubernetes......

And the reason for using autofs? "because you don't need to worry about the NFS version then".... err..... 🤦‍♂️

I want to migrate my last Core machine to TrueNAS Scale, but it wouldn't be a such an easy migration because the way that NFSv4 exports are done it will break my cluster :(

Filtering out my cold brew . My wife isn't really a coffee person, but she steals all of my cold brew while I'm at work 😡

Is there any way to change the NFS mount path for a PV?
It says it is immutable, but re-creating all of them will be a very long process :(

What snacks do you keep on your desk to graze on throughout the day?

It's super slow, but still pretty cool imo!
I couldn't get any of the lighter interfaces working for some reason.

It would be nice if I could basically just use it as a Web browser, nothing else.

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Installed on my old Nexus 7 (2012) during my lunch break, just to play with

Over the weekend, I switched one of my Core (FreeBSD based) machines to TrueNas Scale (Linux based).

Nothing has changed in terms of performance, but I'm happy that I can quite easily run prometheus node-exporter on it for monitoring as it has docker support. On TrueNAS Core, there wasn't any nice way to install node-exporter.

Does anyone know of a way to disable a switch in ? I want to be completely unusable.
I have a few smart sockets I am using purely for power management, and I want to make it so they are always on, and unable to be switched off in any way.

I think I can do it from , but if possible i'd rather just remove the switch function from HomeAssistant

Has anyone tried out scale?
I'm thinking about converting one of my Core machines to Scale, just because I'm more familar with Linux than I am with FreeBSD.

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