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Hm odd, I wonder why the time axis is different between the two graphs.

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Last month ago, I ordered some cheap BLE temperature/humidity sensors from eBay. They finally arrived last weekend, and I used an ESP32 with to get the sensor readings from them.

Initially I just wanted a sensor for the utility closet as that's where my lives, but the sensors were quite cheap so I bought a pack of 5 and put one in each room. The living room has not been comfortable this week. πŸ˜…

I don't know why, but I really want a PTP Grandmaster for my homelab. Obviously don't need it, but I just find it kind of cool. Too bad it's a bit too expensive to realistically do

Was trying to clean up my config and finally start using lovelace, but tbh I've definitely made it even messier :(

Is there an easy way on Linux to detect if you are in a call on Teams/Slack/Zoom?
It's a bit annoying that none of them use dbus (as far as I can tell).

Have to start going back to the office three days a week from next week. I mean, it's not bad... but I'm not looking forward to the commute. πŸ˜ͺ

I don't know why.... but I get really irritated when I have to install apps for work on my personal phone.

Doh, I bought a few more smart plugs to convert to , but they came with the latest version of the tuya firmware, so I can't use tuya-convert to flash it.
I tried opening it up, but there aren't any obvious serial pins :(

What a crap day. Too many things going wrong.

First my colo'ed TrueNAS server decided to have a melt down and became unavailable, and brought down my cluster

Managed to resolve that with the help of the people at the data center.

Then, one of the nodes in the cluster became completely unresponsive. Its not responding on the iDRAC or anything.
I think I will have to go to the datacenter to sort it out.

Question for people who have a .
- How much power you are consuming per day (kWh)?
- How much are you in total paying in electricity costs?
- What equipment are you running?

I'm trying to reduce my electrical usage. At the moment, my electricity bill is stupidly high. My servers are ancient (almost 15 years old!), and unnecessarily power hungry so consolidating old, crap machines into fewer more powerful machines should reduce usage I think.

Wife has taken the kids out for a play date. I hope they stay out for a good amount of time πŸ˜‚
Enjoying the peace and quiet!

I've been playing with over the last few days, and I really like it. I'm considering flashing all my devices with ESPHome. I really like that the configuration is just yaml

Urgh woke up feeling like I got hit by a truck. My head is hurting so badly πŸ˜“

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