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Question for people who have a .
- How much power you are consuming per day (kWh)?
- How much are you in total paying in electricity costs?
- What equipment are you running?

I'm trying to reduce my electrical usage. At the moment, my electricity bill is stupidly high. My servers are ancient (almost 15 years old!), and unnecessarily power hungry so consolidating old, crap machines into fewer more powerful machines should reduce usage I think.

Wife has taken the kids out for a play date. I hope they stay out for a good amount of time 😂
Enjoying the peace and quiet!

I've been playing with over the last few days, and I really like it. I'm considering flashing all my devices with ESPHome. I really like that the configuration is just yaml

Urgh woke up feeling like I got hit by a truck. My head is hurting so badly 😓

I bought a big bag of from the most hipster coffee shop ever.
The guy at the counter was also one of the very stereo-typically obnoxious coffee hipsters with the curly moustache and beanie hat. 😅
The bag of coffee I bought was the one he recommended for espresso, I mean, if you are gonna go all out with the stereo-typical coffee hipster vibe, surely his advice must be worth something. It was quite an expensive bag, and to be honest I'm extremely underwhelmed and disappointed. 😓

Whenever I watch the news, or read about things going on in the world, I just can't help but think how screwed the world is.

@mhamzahkhan @yarmo @nebunez uhm, this should be possible with nginx, thanks to SNI. As long as ESNI is not deployed, you should be fine:

I'm hiring again -- a cyber security engineer, with a focus on supercomputing and on-prem cloud (both VM style and k8s orchestration style).

I love Fedora CoreOS's Zincati. My nodes just update regularly on their own, and even reboot when needed. Fleetlock makes sure only one node is rebooted at a time.

On Friday, was bidding on something on eBay, but 30 seconds after hitting the bid button, I found a better deal on Gumtree.
The seller was local, so I was able to go and collect the Gumtree listing the same day and was just hoping someone would outbid me on eBay. I just got the notification from eBay that someone has outbid me and I'm extremely glad 😂

"Guys help, I can’t figure out how to leave this restaurant"

submitted by Christop408

We went to a Japanese Steak and Sushi restaurant for our 6th anniversary yesterday. First time I have had wagyu steak. We had to cook it on a hot stone. Unfortunately, my skills with chopsticks are lacking, and so I had trouble taking the steak off the stone so I ended up slightly over cooking the steak. It was still so frigging good though.

My brother bought a cheapy robot vacuum cleaner. It has an SSH server running on port 22. :(

What is HP's equivilant for Dell's OpenManage Enterprise?
Ie something that can apply firmware updates, and do hardware configuration etc

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