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I just moved moved everything from Lastpass over to Bitwarden. I also exported all saved passwords from Chrome, and imported that into Bitwarden (because for some reason there are somethings saved in Chrome, that weren't in Lastpass), and disabled Chrome's password manager. Now I have a bunch of duplicates in Bitwarden 😅

urgh nvm not going to attempt. It needs MSSQL. I'd rather not have to run yet another database tbh 😓

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Has anyone deployed on ? I'm going to give it a shot over the weekend.

I just went downstairs to get a food delivery and noticed I have a package waiting for me. Work sent me a chocolate Easter egg 🤣

CNN finds stranded #Uyghur children in #China 

Amnesty International reports that China's policies towards ethnic Uyghur Muslims have split up thousands of families, as some children are prevented from leaving China's Xinjiang region to be with their parents living abroad. The US and other countries have labeled China's treatment of Uyghurs as genocide.

I think 34 will be the first Fedora beta that I haven't tried. I'll just wait till final release date.

I mean, they look like croissants! But unfortunately the layers aren't really there, so it's not fluffy. Not entirely happy with them, but at the same time Not too disappointed as a first attempt.
They do taste good though!

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First attempt. I'm pretty sure they are fail, but we'll see tomorrow morning when I bake them I guess

Attempted to make croissants. It didn't go so well. I'm gonna try again though.

Is there a way to make Unbound log slow DNS queries/slow upstreams?

According to Grafana/Prometheus, the average recursion time is between 2-4 seconds, which is way too high for DNS resolution imo.

Odd thing is, I haven't actually noticed DNS resolution being that slow, and if I manually do a dig at the upstream servers, things are resolved extremely quickly, as they should. I don't know if I haven't noticed due to caching or if the unbound exporter is reporting incorrect recursion time :\

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