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Trying to figure out how to get Fedora CoreOS VMs provisioned on my cluster using . I can't figure out how to do the network configuration using ignition 😓

Finally watched
Spider-Man: Far From Home. That was freaking amazing!
I'm a huge fan of the , but because Spiderman isn't on Netflix or Disney Plus, I haven't been able to watch this movie.

Another day, another flatpak. Currently building a "Lens" flatpak.

Putting into a flatpak. Once this is done and working, submitting to FlatHub :)

Currently a bit undecided about the permissions, because it contains a CLI feature, but probably less than more permissions.

Something that really drives me crazy is how everything K8s related boils down to "curl this binary from our website and run it in your full user context" 👀

This should help.

#Flatpak #kubernetes

Has anyone run a cluster across DCs? I'm reading everywhere saying it's not a good idea
What is the current state of cluster federation? Last time I looked into it, it was in very early stages.

Got the job. Super happy. I'm very excited to start on the 23rd.

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I had a 2.5 hour interview this morning. Exhausting but I think it went well.

Does anyone actually pay for medium articles? They just irritate the hell out of me.
medium is almost as annoying as that forum that used to be around before StackOverflow, which had a paywall to see the accepted answer. I can't remember the name now.

Lately I feel like there is just no time to do anything and I'm getting nothing done.

I found an old 64GB SSD which still seems to work. 64GB is quite small, but the local storage is only being used for storing the docker images, so it should be fine....

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doh, disk died in one of my K8S nodes. Now I will need to find a replacement disk. I don't think I have any spares laying around.

I really want to grow out my beard longer, but I'm bad at shaping it once it gets longer than around 4cm. I normally just keep it at around 3.5cm at the longest part.


Me on all social media accounts after taking one good picture


Any experts around? I'm trying to use to provision some Vagrant VMs, but I'm running into a couple of issues.
First issue is that my NAT interfaces on all the VMs appear to have the same MAC address. That doesn't seem to be normal?

Secondly, what is the correct way to get the IPs to use for "backend" traffic? For example, ansible_default_ipv4 gives the IP address of the NAT interface instead of the "private" interface.

Hm does anyone know how I can add hosts into a variable? For example, I'm trying to use this role:

I want to add all the hosts in my "webservers" group, to the haproxy_backend_servers variable. Is that possible?

Today, my kids played with snow for the first time in their lives. It was a lot of fun, but now at the end of the day, I feel exhausted from all that running around. I remember making a snowman being a lot less tiring!

Kiddos were pretty much KO'ed as well. My three year old didn't do his normal night time routine ("daddy, 5 minutes more. daddy, i'm hungry, daddy, i want milk" etc etc). He just went straight into bed without discussion! The little one also went to sleep with less resistance.

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