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My ability to multitask has always been kinda crap, but lately I feel like it's so much worse. It sucks.

"We need to balance our K8s pods!"
"We have balanced pods at home!"

Balanced pods at home:

Are there any VPN providers that provide a public IP for your tunnel interface? Ie so you can host things over the tunnel?

My internet connection is CGNAT'ed, so at the moment, I have a GRE/IPSec tunnel to a VPS, then have nginx proxying HTTP/S traffic to my home cluster.

I'd much rather just have a public IP at home and bypass the reverse proxy all together tbh.

Wife isn't feeling very well today, so I'm trying my best to keep kids away from her so she can rest. Thankfully, my little one is being very easy today. Normally it would be a mission to brush his teeth, wash his face and feed him breakfast, but today he has been very easy about it all!

Just watched the last episode of . I'm gonna miss this TV show!

Currently running hashcat in order to figure the IPMI password for a machine I got given years ago.
Annoyingly, I can't figure out how to factory reset the BMC, and the manufacturer isn't being helpful either as its an old machine.

Does anyone know any cheap inbound mail relay providers? Ie somewhere that I can set my MX records to them, and pass it on to my mail server. Preferably with some spam filtering too.

Recently found out that lemons are a hybrid between citron and sour orange, and aren't found in the wild. Turns out that life never gave us lemons, we invented them.

We moved to a new flat last week. We have no furniture other than a bed as Ikea, and afaik all other new/second hand furniture shops are closed due to being in tier 4. It's such a pain.

I also need to replace the 4G modem/router thing that my provider gave me. It doesn't support bridge mode, meaning there is an extra layer of NAT. Who knows how many layers of NAT I'm going through at the moment πŸ˜‚

My ERLite NAT's all connections out to the internet, then the ISP provided router does it again, then provider CGNATs everything. So icky.

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Ideally, I'd like to set the default route to route everything over the GRE/IPsec tunnel, but both routers involved aren't great and it would limit my throughput quite significantly.
I also looked at one of the VPN providers that assign a public IP address, but again, OpenVPN on my tiny little ERLite would be severely limited on throughput.

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I'm using 4G for my home internet connection now. I'm behind CGNAT, so I can't really easily host things at home anymore. :(

At the moment, I have a GRE/IPSec tunnel going to the router at my colo, and then reverse proxying traffic to my home K8S cluster. I don't really like that method so much, but it works for now.

FInally got my instance back up after moving flats.
Not sure if this is working or not. The logs are showing a lot of 401's, but at the same time I'm seeing some toots coming in on my federated timeline. Hmmmm

Tomorrow we are moving home, so my instance will be down as I'll be moving my home servers. Byebye for a few days! Hopefully everything goes OK!

I went to go pickup the keys for my new flat, and tested the Internet speeds I'm getting as I'll be using 4G as my primary Internet. I'm very happy with it.

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I upgraded my mobile phone package to a 5G package. Before, I was getting ~20Mbit/s at home, now I'm getting 110Mbit.
The price hasn't changed either, and now I get 100GB/month instead of 10GB/month. Pretty pleased with that.

I have a box full of old hard drives. I'm currently running badblocks on them two at a time to figure out which ones are still relatively "healthy", and which ones are for the bin. I'm not sure if I can be be bothered to pull the magnets out or not πŸ˜‚ On one hand, it's really fun to play with the magnets, but on the other, it's a bit tedious to take them out.

Finished yesterday. While overall I did enjoy, I think you have to play the extra episodes as the main story doesn't really give much background into a lot of things. For example, there wasn't much explination as to what Ardyn's motivation was. I think that's covered in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn.

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