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Kiddos are super hyper for some reason πŸ˜” trying to feed them dinner while running around behind them.

I bought some of the zigbee lighting, along with the Zigbee hub after seeing how the lights are comparable with Phillips Hue. I already have a Phillips Hue Hub, but from my understanding the Hue hub is restricted in which Zigbee devices it can pair with. The Lidl/Silvercrest one is less restricted I believe. It would be nice if it were possible to flash the Zigbee hub with something like so I don't have to use SmartLife.

Looking for a nice tower-server that is silent, cheap - suggestions?

I am going to use it as a proxmox-host with databases and minecraft.

Sigh. Disk failures. Though to be fair, these disks have been spinning for a VERY long time.

Changed my mail setup to use . I like it, but kinda frustrating losing some flexibility you have with using a DIY /#dovecot setup vs something ready made.

I have backups of everything, except my kubernetes master itself.

I mean, it's not too difficult to rebuild the master, but it would mean basically rebuilding the cluster as all the certificates etc will need to be changed and everything re-deployed.

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I tried dd'ing the failed disks to known working disks and hoping that I can bring the array back up that way, but that didn't work either.

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Not having a good day today.
Woke up this morning with my lower back aching and feeling stiff.
Then when I switched on my laptop and got ready for work, I noticed two disks had died in one of my home servers (which runs my kubernetes master VM). It's a RAID10 array, and just my luck both of the dead disks were from the same mirror so it's basically screwed.

me and my wife are looking for a new flat to move into. Man it's so difficult right now.
Both my mum and sister is out of the country right now, so we don't have anyone to look after the kids at the moment, and due to virus etc the estate agents don't allow us to bring kids for viewings.

I don't know anything about deep learning, or neural networks, but I got my hands on one of these. I wonder if there is any interesting, ready made projects I can use to play with it for a bit.

Hmm tried to replace 's certificates with certificates signed by my server so I don't get a certificate error. I'm not sure why, but it has severely broken things :(

I'm pretty sure I'm driving the guys at the colo-datacenter crazy.
I just changed a router config option, and now it's inaccessible :(

Was moving some furniture, and managed to do something to my back. πŸ˜“

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