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I think one of my nodes died over night. It won't power on at all. :(

How to stop scumbag brains 1:30am decision to over think things that are out of your control and cause anxiety, stopping you from falling asleep?

Could America have a violent constitutional crisis?

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I've been following a few stretching videos on YouTube the last few days. Today I'm starting to feel a bit better.
On Monday, I tried to squat but I just couldn't get very low because my hips and ankle/calves were so tight. Going to try and make the more intense stretching/yoga a regular thing.
I literally done zero physical activity during the lock down period, other than moving my arm to put food in my mouth 🤣 definitely suffering now. I'm as flexible as a toothpick.

I really need to get my eyes tested. On Monday, I booked in an appointment with my local spec-savers for their next available appointment slot. It was the 4th of October! I just checked again, and they have nothing until the middle of October. I wonder if it's due to reduced staff, or just a large amount of people needing to get their eyes tested.

China is currently carrying out a genocide against the Uyghur people, locking people in camps, forced sterilizations, beatings, re-education camps into Communism.

Their goal is to deprogram Islam and replace it with Chinese Communism.

May Eastern Turkestan regain independence...

Today is the first time I went to the gym since my one year old was born. Super excited to get back into the routine. Though tomorrow is going to hurt.

So tired today. I feel like all my energy is gone. I just wanted the kids to sleep early today, so I can rest but unfortunately they had other plans.
Ah well. They are finally asleep now.

I usually prefix my personal servers with a p or a v to indicate if it's a physical server, or a virtual one. The other day, I realised my FreeNAS machine was using the default name "freenas" or something like that, and didn't have a DNS entry. I was just about to rename it so it fits with my naming convention.... but I quickly decided against that as it would have been pnas01. Just doesn't sound right! 😅

The amount of spam emails I've been getting lately is too damn high. Need to do something about that.

Tried to use to install some packages from chocolatey on a couple of Windows VMs. Some how ended up getting myself rate limited and blocked for an hour. I'm only installing vscode, chrome, and 7zip at the moment. That should only be a total of 6 packages. The rate limiting page says you can download 20 packages per minute, per IP. Wonder why I got rate limited then :S

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