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Grrr why isn't this working now :@
"The host has been set in non_operational status, deployment errors: code 4035: Gluster command [<UNKNOWN>] failed on server <UNKNOWN>., code 9000: Failed to verify Power Management configuration for Host, code 10802: VDSM command GlusterServersListVDS failed: The method does not exist or is not available: {'method': 'GlusterHost.list'}, fix accordingly and re-deploy."

Oh cool, I have 45 instances subscribed to my ActivityPub relay. Last time I checked I only had 5-6.

Yesterday evening, I was trying to setup , but having very little success. I'm not too sure why it's not working to be honest :(

Hm i there any "proxy" or something like that which can be used to have VNC running over HTTPS but use a "real" client (ie not browser based). Preferably something that can run behind ?

Spent the weekend cleaning up my alerting rules. A lot less false positives now. Still a lot of rules I need to tidy up but I'm glad I no longer have a crap loads of emails being sent from prometheus.

Why do offices in general only have two modes: too hot, too cold

Yesterday night I made a lot of changes to my prometheus alerting rules.
I was getting too many false positive alerts before. Now its a lot better I think.

It's 2020, and ADP MyFreedom (stupid payroll site) still forces you to use IE. What on earth have they been doing since I last had to use it back in 2015.

Any experts around? I'm trying to create an alerting rule, but I can't figure out why histogram_quantile is giving an empty response. This is my query:
histogram_quantile(0.99,sum(rate(traefik_service_request_duration_seconds_bucket[30m])) by (app_kubernetes_io_instance,service, method))

Well that was a bad idea. One of my dodgy homelab k8s nodes decided to go insane. Now my phone is buzzing like crazy. Its just my home lab, so it can wait till weekend, but perhaps I need to rethink my alerting rules.

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Just setup this:
I know there are probably better ways of getting alert notifications on your phone, but I'm already logged into my account on my phone, so this works great.

My colo-servers just came online :)
I was so nervous that I didn't pre-configure the router correctly, and missed one line or something and would have to go all the way to the DC in Coventry to fix. I'm so glad it all just came up by itself.
The IPSec link came up properly by itself, and OSPF done its thing and exchanged routes, and sent me a "resolved" message before the DC guys even got a chance to tell me that my servers had been racked and powered up!

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My weekend projects will be migrating everything from OVH over to the colo server.
There are quite a few old services I'm running currently on my old dedicated servers that have been on my todo list to containerize, but I just haven't had the time, or motivation. This will be the perfect time to finally get around to that. I'm looking forward to it. :)

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My Dell PowerEdge C6220 and Mikrotik RB2011UAS-RM are on the way to the colo-datacenter. :)
So happy I found a reasonably priced colo provider.

so disadvantaged students are getting worse grades because the skynet algorythm downgrades people for going to schools which have historically produced lower grades. genius system

Screw chaos monkey randomly shutting down production machines to test resiliency

People should be given random vacation days to see what knowledge isn't distributed

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