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It's kind of crazy that the price for hard drives hasn't really changed for quite a few years. Back in 2013, I bought 4x3TB WD RED disks for my NAS for £114.99 each. One of the disks just failed (wow 7 years!) and I was looking to just get a similar 3TB WD RED drive as a replacement. It's £92.42 on Amazon. Only a £22.57 drop in 7 years. I know hard drives would have improved since then, but still would expect the price to have dropped more significantly by now.

We took our three year old to see a nursery this morning.
As soon as we got there, and he saw all the other kids playing he had a huge grin on his face and ran in to play immediately.

The head teacher wanted to give a little tour, so we left our son with one of the teachers, and he was so engaged with everyone else didn't even notice we were gone!

He didn't want to leave, and started crying. We had to promise we'll bring him back tomorrow 😅

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We are looking for a nursery for our three year old to start in September. It's giving me so much anxiety, the thought of leaving him with a stranger.
I guess it's something all parents go through 😓

Had this experience with all games I have tried so far as well. It's just so ridiculously slow.

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I bought a PS4 Pro last week as I thought it was a pretty good deal and I've wanted one for years. Man, the updates take forever to download.
I just wanted to play Call of Duty for a bit today, but it's taken more than 4 hours to download the updates.

Thinking to switch my "main" NAS from CentOS with on Linux, to .
While ZFS on Linux has worked well for me, I've always found it a massive pain to update due to various reasons. In the last few days since I started using FreeNAS, I've absolutely loved it and haven't had any issues with it. The only thing I haven't figured out how to do is integrate it with my FreeIPA setup and use LDAP/Kerberos for authentication though I know the functionality is there.

I was originally using Minio's distributed mode with topolvm to provide local storage for each instance, but as my nodes only have a single, slow, spinning disk which was causing lots of issues.

So I setup FreeNAS on a HP MicroServer, with 4x Samsung 850 EVO SSDs in a RAID10 type configuration with ZFS. My K8S nodes access it using NFS. I have Minio running in NAS mode, and I'm currently moving over the data.

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Moving my data from spinning disks local disks to SSDs via NFS on a machine.

Hmm, now uses Cloudflare.

Generally speaking I have no problem with Cloudflare in general, they actually have a valid business value. But adding up to 5 seconds of delay to each time I open doesn't really help to make me a regular visitor.

#GitLab #Cloudflare #200ms

Trying to configure a few services I'm running to use Keycloak for authentication, but honestly I don't really understand what all the buttons and settings are 😓

😭 Winning an eBay auction that I no longer want.

This might be a very obvious question.... but when running on , what should worker_processes be set to? As far as I can tell from googling, nginx isn't cgroup aware, so auto wouldn't work.

It's seriously annoying that routers don't support ECMP routing

That said, not gonna lie. The interface is quite pretty.

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The network config is being a bit confusing. I just want an LACP LAG, but it doesn't seem to be working.

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