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Well, something isn't happy.

Dell came to fix my personal laptop again yesterday for the second time. This time it seems even worse than before :\
It hangs if I plug in the charger or any USB device.

It's so frustrating that tries to do a chown recursively every time a pod starts up if you have fsGroup set. For a volume with a very large amount of files (eg minio!), it means the pod will take ages to start up.

Little known fact, if you put the batteries into a camera in backwards it becomes a holographic projector!

King Leopold II(1865-1909) founder & sole owner of Congo.

His administration was characterizd by atrocities like cutting off hands if not enough rubber was harvstd.He brought people from Congo to exhibit in "human zoo".

Now removed from his pedestal in Brussels.

(photo not loading for some reason)

Last month I had to get the motherboard replaced in my laptop due to a faulty thunderbolt port. Since then, my laptop has been sporadically rebooting, or just hanging. Gonna have to get Dell to replace the motherboard again :\

Right now I have so many RDP sessions open to different Windows servers you would think I'm actually a Windows Sysadmin :(

Seriously, I had never even heard Edward Colston's name before his statue was toppled, rolled through the streets, and dumped into the water at the same docks where his slave ships used to be moored.

He will not be missed. Anyone who claims his statue was of historical importance is fooling themselves.

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It's amazing to see how different the experience is when switching from a spinning disk to an SSD.

My dad's desktop started to play up and I noticed that it had a crap load of SMART errors on the hard drive,. I haven't really looked at his computer in a very long time, so basic maintenance was very over due. I replaced the disk with with a shiny new Samsung 860 EVO SSD.

It's made such a huge difference, and to be honest before switching it, I didn't feel like his computer was "slow".

Finally got my cluster back up. All I wanted to do was upgrade kubernetes, and add a few nodes with Fedora CoreOS, but it exploded in my face. Switched back to CentOS 7 for now.

Expecting a bunch of deliveries today. Excited!

What is the best tool to use to migrate an my mastodon bucket from one provider to another? I usually use rclone for S3 operations, but just wondering if there is a better way to move a crap load of tiny files

I bought some Nerf guns to play with my son, but I think he is too young for them πŸ˜•

I bought 4 more nodes for my cluster.... my wife is going to kill me when she finds out πŸ˜…

2020, what a year so far πŸ˜•

^Z ^Z ^Z ^Z ^Z

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