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who would win?

Wife and kids finally on their flight back home. I'm quite relieved. :)

Does anyone here want a .monster domain? is currently owned by me for another 13 days, but I do not want it anymore.
If someone are interested in snagging it, I can send you the auth code.

It costs 15-16 USD / Year

#domains #askfediverse #tld #stuff #free #

man what is this screwed up situation... I went shopping at 6AM because my local supermarket was empty yesterday.

It was completely packed, and took two hours just to get to the counter to pay. I got what I needed and should be OK for a few days, but jeez is the worry setting in. Kinda makes me wish I could move to a farm with a good variety of veggies, in the middle of nowhere.

I think I'm going to avoid the news for a few days. I think it's just making people panic more.

@mhamzahkhan Hope you and your family stay healthy and stay safe! โค๏ธ We will get through this! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป

Not gonna lie, I'm starting to panic a little bit about this whole situation.

Just been told to work from home until further notice. Crazy.

Any people here?

Need a bit of help with the Load Balancer function. I'm trying to create a Virtual Server on the LAN interface, and as far as I can tell, it is up but I cannot figure out why there is not response from it.

Hmm trying to setup using minio for my storage. Is it possible to make it use one hostname for uploading files, and another for when the files are accessed?

For example how mastodon does it with S3_ENDPOINT being where to upload files to, and S3_HOSTNAME being the hostname files are accessed from.

I'm running codimd and minio in kubernetes. I want codimd to upload files to minio using the service address for minio, and the URL to access it is the one going via my ingress.

Grr. My sunday wasted because my home server is ancient and falling to bits. It decided to fail over night, and it took all day to fix it.
Need to find a replacement home server.

My wife's flight back to the UK was cancelled. No idea when they will be able to get back now. -19

I really don't get the toilet paper hording. Food, makes sense. Hand sanitizer, fair enough, but toilet paper.... Just idk seems odd.

Though to be honest even food, medicine etc hording is frigging annoying too. If everyone just shopped normally, it would probably be better overall as supplies won't run out like they seem to be right now. *Shrug*

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