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Is it possible to access the mastodon Sidekiq web interface using oauth2?

Does anyone know of any good Android apps for so I can watch the console log of a gitlab ci job from my phone?

Too many different CI systems. I wish there were any easy way to convert their various config files to CI.

Oh man. Trying to delete an S3 bucket with a crap load of tiny files on my home minio cluster...... so slow. It's been running for over an hour. 😓

Upgraded to 3.0.0rc1. Thought I broke my DB. the migration task got interrupted and was giving me lots of errors

If the PM doesn't obey the law, and get an Article 50 extension, what happens? Surely, there should be some harsh punishment for the PM for breaking the law

"In his two months in power, Boris Johnson has lost his first six Commons votes, broken the law by suspending Parliament, and misled the monarch."

I feel better about all my failures now 😂

‘Beyond parody’: Call for UK to ban pointed kitchen knives ridiculed online

Church of England bishops are leading a call for the government to take a serious stance on knife crime by banning pointed kitchen knives. The suggestion has been met with some confusion, and a lot of jokes. Read Full Article at

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