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Have to get rid of my 45U rack. So sad :( if anyone around us intended and can arrange transport, it's yours for free

Seems to be an unpopular opinion: I like NetworkManager

Finally! My video has just been published, and if you're interested in a bit of #golang hacking and/or care about docker & backups, you can watch it here:

(Yes, I'm aware that the chat ended up covering my terminal a bit, and I should probably increase the fonts some more. Sorry about that, lesson learned for the next video!)

Waiting for this phone call is driving my anxiety off the charts. 😭 They are 3 minutes late!

When I have anxiety, I really feel like hitting something as hard as I can or destroying something.

I wish Plex was able to merge libraries, so for example if I have two servers with movies, I just want an aggregated list of available movies, and not have to select which server's movies I want a list of.

My PS3 died. It was the original, fat PS3 which had hardware support for PS2 games. :(

Just watched : Holloway vs Poirier 2. Was a goooood fight.

Finally watched Captain Marvel. I really liked it! Can't wait for next week!

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