@10X Then I also have OpenDKIM, and OpenDMARC configured.
OpenDMARC checks inbound email domains dmarc, dkim and spf records to make sure that the sender server's IP is actually allowed to send email for that domain. Then, I also have a simple perl script which checks the sender IP's senderscore from senderscore.com, and rate limits the number of emails that the IP can send based on that score.

It's not perfect, but so far I don't seem to receive a massive amount of spam.

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@10X Ah, I use Postfix with a couple of different strategies.
I use Postfix's Postscreen to do a number of different things. It kind of does greylisting, which gets rid of a lot of spam zombie bots, then I have configured it to use some DNS blacklists, (and whitelists)...

I think, once 32 is released, I will do a fresh install instead of upgrading. My current installation started on Fedora 26, and is now on 31. There is a lot of cruft.

My work laptop is completely unusable with Linux at the moment. It looks like this bug: gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/me
Random crashes, making it completely unusable

If you want to run jitsi at scale, please check github.com/jitsi/jitsi-videobr

Cascaded SFUs will allow your conference calls to scale a lot better :)

Also recommended, the following talk if you want to understand the concept:


#jitsi #SFU #webConference #workingFromHome #sysadmin

There are few things in life better than sniffing freshly ground, roasted coffee beans.


Linux command line tool shoutout: pv 

Oh man, any time I try to play a FPS style game, I get really bad motion sickness. It's so frustrating. I just bought , and i'm trying to play Destiny 2, and I'm enjoying it, but man the motion sickness 😢

As I just started it again ^^ If make your wonderful food these days, and you are home anyway, how about taking 10 Minutes more time and write the recipe down for GNOME Recipes?

Would love to see this flooded with new cool food!


#GNOME #Recipes #food #cooking #CookingFromHome

@wolf480pl Really? To be honest I only took a very brief look at it, and it didn't really click for me the way iptables did. I'll have to take a look at it again.

🍌🍌🍌 Let’s settle this. 🍌🍌🍌

Ur fav ???

@quad have you looked at nft? It's so much more confusing than iptables 😭

During the years I've worked on Linux servers the one thing I've learned is that if you have to reboot, you've lost.

But I still haven't learned iptables
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#PulseView 0.4.2 released! Lots of new features, e.g. saving session setups, GUI translations, easier decoder selection, decoder annotation filtering/hiding, "binary" (WAV, PNG, PCAP) decoder output view, handy key shortcuts, tons of bugfixes.



v1.x is gone from my cluster finally. I'm using cert-manager to manage my certificates instead of the built in functions of Traefik. Means I can get rid of consul too.

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