we're seeing nerdiness levels at about 55%

(55%) ■■■■■□□□□□

@noorul it "works" but it's being a bit unreliable. I'm thinking to disable it for now until I've sorted out some stability issues i'm having with my kubernetes cluster.

Okay so sex is great but have you ever had a piece of software you wrote compile cleanly and work correctly on your first try?

My sister sent a bunch of Sour Patch Kids from the US. Imma get a sore throat... And probably a belly ache.

@noorul It's true, I get at least two russian spam messages every day. Not sure if there is anyway to avoid it.

dubstep levels are currently at 47% but fluctuating wildly

(47%) ■■■■□□□□□□

@nur I've been moving my services over to kubernetes, but it's a slow process because sometimes it's difficult to find an existing container image that works the way I want it to work, so I have to make one myself.

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I have way too many VMs running on my servers. I really need to move them to .

@SukinoSenze Have you seen "While You Were Sleeping"? It's also very good.

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