@bart Hmmm I just re-flashed with Plasma, but it's definitely trying to start Xorg, and not Wayland. It also looks like it's trying to start sddm, and not tinydm?

@bart oh it is? For some reason I saw it trying to launch xorg. I'll try it again tonight! Would be nice if I could make this into something usable, even just for browsing!

@steve If I tell you, then you would also know! Then it wouldn't be something that no one knows about!

(I actually don't have anything like that :( )

@fireglow Very similar! I usually have mixed nuts. I love cashews and almonds. I love dates, but I'd definitely get extremely fat if I kept them on my desk as I'd just be eating non-stop 😂

What snacks do you keep on your desk to graze on throughout the day?

@bart I couldn't get plasma to work. It looked like Xorg tried to start, but the screen stayed blank.

I tried a few different UIs, but I could only get weston, and Phosh working.

It's super slow, but still pretty cool imo!
I couldn't get any of the lighter interfaces working for some reason.

It would be nice if I could basically just use it as a Web browser, nothing else.

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Installed on my old Nexus 7 (2012) during my lunch break, just to play with

Over the weekend, I switched one of my Core (FreeBSD based) machines to TrueNas Scale (Linux based).

Nothing has changed in terms of performance, but I'm happy that I can quite easily run prometheus node-exporter on it for monitoring as it has docker support. On TrueNAS Core, there wasn't any nice way to install node-exporter.

Does anyone know of a way to disable a switch in ? I want to be completely unusable.
I have a few smart sockets I am using purely for power management, and I want to make it so they are always on, and unable to be switched off in any way.

I think I can do it from , but if possible i'd rather just remove the switch function from HomeAssistant

Has anyone tried out scale?
I'm thinking about converting one of my Core machines to Scale, just because I'm more familar with Linux than I am with FreeBSD.

@selea I find it a bit confusing 😅 Especially when there are IRC services involved (ChanServ NickServ etc). Prefer to just use a real IRC client for IRC

@hyde well they use Bluetooth, so no cloud involved and thr BLE becon can be encrypted too with this custom firmware: github.com/pvvx/ATC_MiThermome (I think the stock firmware also encrypts, but I flashed the custom one so I can adjust the comfort levels and broadcast intervals).

@gabek when they first announced it, I was kinda skeptical. But after seeing the trailer, I'm quite excited!

@andrioid So far, yep!
I really like how it does updates itself without me having to do anything.
It's even successfully updated itself using from Fedora CoreOS 32->33->34, without me even noticing, or any downtime which I thought was pretty cool.

@andrioid I don't know if it has A/B update mechanism, I haven't looked, but i'm using Fedora CoreOS for my homelab K8S cluster, and a couple of stand-alone machines which run some containers.

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