I really want to setup an cluster at home, but it requires all of the RAM. It always starts OOM'ing when I try to deploy it on my K8S cluster :(

I think one of my nodes died over night. It won't power on at all. :(

How to stop scumbag brains 1:30am decision to over think things that are out of your control and cause anxiety, stopping you from falling asleep?

@arghyadeep If such a feature existed, I think I would have 100000 archived tabs that I never end up getting back to 😂


@dick_turpin How on earth did she even get that many used condoms! 😂 😫 Perhaps I shouldn't ask.....

Could America have a violent constitutional crisis?

Please boost for more visibility!!

@fikran I was literally just talking to my brother about the US elections. Honestly, it's terrifying to think what could happen in November if Trump loses.
I hope I'm wrong and he does hand over peacefully if he loses, but my gut feeling says it could be incredibly violent and things will escalate fast as there is just too much going on in the world at the moment :(
Honestly, it feels like the world is in a bad place on all fronts at the moment, and its just getting worse.

@arghyadeep yup. It's crazy because I know it hasn't only messed with our bodies, its mental health too for a lot of people. I'm sure we'll have a lot of books and research papers regarding the effects of 2020 coming out over the next few years.

I've been following a few stretching videos on YouTube the last few days. Today I'm starting to feel a bit better.
On Monday, I tried to squat but I just couldn't get very low because my hips and ankle/calves were so tight. Going to try and make the more intense stretching/yoga a regular thing.
I literally done zero physical activity during the lock down period, other than moving my arm to put food in my mouth 🤣 definitely suffering now. I'm as flexible as a toothpick.

@noorul hmm did you get a new note phone? Why the hand written notes? 🤣

@dick_turpin I feel this pandemic has become a bit of an excuse for everything at this point, even in situations where it makes no sense.

@dick_turpin I wonder why it is. I know during the "proper" lockdown period I really needed an eye test, but they weren't really giving appointments unless it was an absolute emergency. I'm sure others were in the same boat as me and just waiting for the lock down to end, so perhaps just a huge influx of people wanting eye tests? *shrug* Or perhaps they are just limiting amounts of tests per day?

I really need to get my eyes tested. On Monday, I booked in an appointment with my local spec-savers for their next available appointment slot. It was the 4th of October! I just checked again, and they have nothing until the middle of October. I wonder if it's due to reduced staff, or just a large amount of people needing to get their eyes tested.

China is currently carrying out a genocide against the Uyghur people, locking people in camps, forced sterilizations, beatings, re-education camps into Communism.

Their goal is to deprogram Islam and replace it with Chinese Communism.

May Eastern Turkestan regain independence...
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