@farhan It's cold, but not exceptionally cold. It's probably colder where you are. It was around 4 degrees C yesterday.

I was mainly complaining about it being too cold in the office to be honest 😂 They turn it down to arctic levels. I hate it.

If you are interested in #K8s and always struggled providing a distributed storage like #Ceph, I recommend taking a look at rook.io/ - a #CloudNative Storage solution for seamless deployment.

I started this instance because I wanted to make a cool place for people to meet and communicate. Thank you for your support, 🇧🇷 :blobheart:


It was just too funny not to share.

Warrior: I swear I will have revenge for the death of my brother.

Elf: You have my bow.

Dwarf: And my axe.

Necromancer: And your brother.

Sigh, I really need to replace my home server with something a bit more modern.... and more reliable. This hardware is over 10 years old, and it's over heating constantly to the point it's almost unusable.

I wish FreeIPA had better integration with other tools, such as it would be so nice if or -manager could request certificates from (ie Dogtag), or if ExternalDNS could setup DNS records on FreeIPA's DNS server (BIND).

Trying to get my smart plug working with .. It's confusing :( I preferred espuerna

@farhan 🤣 I tried to install Linux on my wife's laptop. It wasn't received very well.

I'm so sleepy. I don't know if this requires more sugar, ore more caffeine right now.

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