Holy crap this is hilarious. How can he find it so difficult to answer such an easy question.... and also not be able to use a mop properly?! streamable.com/owufe

What operating systems do you use?

Miatta Fahnbulleh at #MeaningConf: “at the rate we’re depleting topsoil, we may only have 60 harvests left”

Holy shit, that phrasing brings it home hard.

@selea I was so tempted to reply too, but I figured it was still too early in the day for silly comments about typos 😂

Removed a bunch of apps I no longer use from my phone.

Sigh. Woke up thinking it's Friday today. Disappointing that it's not.

@mhamzahkhan Also check falco.org/ I've just recently discovered it but looks very interesting

@kravietz I was particularly interested in Wazuh. I haven't come across it before. Will definitely be playing with it over the weekend!

@kravietz It's a very interesting talk! While I was aware of a number of things, and implement them on my servers, it definitely gave me a few things to think about. :)

Oh awesome, RedHat has open sourced quay!


This is awesome, because it comes along with a decent web UI and nice features like integrated container scanning and alike.

If you selfhost a container registry, it's definitely worth a look.

#RedHat #Quay #container #docker #linux

Want to tame Firefox and make sure it follows your organization's regulations?

Here is my little write up on how you can do this on Fedora:


It'll explain how to generate a policy to enforce your DoH settings and also provide a very basic RPM spec file on how to deploy such a policy to your systems.

#Firefox #DoH #Fedora #Linux

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