Is there any other provider that has something similar to Argo Tunnels? Not ngrok.
I know I can just use a VPS and SSH tunnels, but I want something that I don't have to manage the remote side at all.

@jtr For more "systems" kind of stuff, I would recommend perhaps the RHCSA and RHCE course materials. Even without doing the exam, they cover all the systems points you mentioned (NFS/SMB/SSH etc).

@jtr I'm not sure what level you are at, but when I first started yeaaaars ago, for networking, TCP/IP, switching etc, I used the CCNA Official Cert Guide Library. It's definitely not "fun", but it does give a solid foundation for networking. It is quite Cisco specific in terms of commands, but the concepts are transferable between vendors.

Here's a quick #DevOps hot take: Not everything needs to be HA. Sometimes it's better to prioritize simple redeployments and DR, especially if it means less overall uptime dependencies in the stack.

UK Politics 

Johnson will say he will keep going after suffering double by-election defeat.

At this point this man is wholly inept or corrupt. I think it is a mix of both - I can't imagine with results like this anyone would want to stay in his role for long.

He must be planted there for some very wealthy elite(s) to do their bidding with Johnson as their vessel.

That, or nobody can quite figure out who to replace Johnson with. They're all shit.

#ukpol #ukpolitics

I note that the OED's word of the day has been timed to perfection with the UK Tory party today:


Tories lose two key byelections on same night in Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton

"The Tory candidate, who had endured a sometimes tricky campaign, locked herself in a room set aside for media interviews at the West Devon count, reportedly refusing to speak to the press."

Wow. #ukpol

I've said elsewhere that Johnson will be gone before Christmas. On this showing, he may not even make it to the end of summer.

Geez, and this is just a recap of the last six months.
I think this is what he means by "keep delivering".

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Gosh I wish we could just get rid of this guy already. Though I don't like Keir Starmer either

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Boris Johnson vows to 'keep going' after double Tory by-election loss via @YouTube

@ryan With Blocky, it's a single yaml config file which configures everything. It is stateless, and stores no persistent data, so you can run as many replicas as you want without any issue. Makes it a much better fit for running in K8S imo.

I think blocky does have some fewer features than Pi-Hole, but nothing I was using in the first place. I'm using it similar to you, for my kid's devices, and stop "smart" devices from calling home when possible

@ryan I was running Pi-Hole on , and while it works, I've never found it ideal mainly because Pi-Hole uses a database for configuration and storing the adlists etc. There are some config values that can be specified via environmental variables, but most configuration is done via the GUI and stored in SQLite databases.
Because of this, it doesn't support any form of HA. While not really necessary for home, I like HA where possible, especially when it is so easy with K8S!

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