@stux πŸ˜‚That would be the most terrifying way to be notified that there is an issue with your servers.

Trying to clean up my alerting rules. Too many emails for false positives.

The #Bash has the notion of "integer" variable:

declare A=1; declare -i B=2
A+=3; B+=4
echo $A $B
β‡’ 13 6


@human_equivalent based on what others have said it seems it might just be parallel timelines for 3ach iteration of James Bond. I guess that makes most sense, as he would be ancient in No Time to Die since he's a WW2 veteran!

@michael are the ones prior to Danial Craig connected to each other? Or basically each actor is basically a parallel time line?

Never really been a massive James Bond fan, but I basically had to stop watching No Time to Die, because I'm so lost as to what is happening. Think I'm going yo have to re-watch all of thr Danial Craig movies before I watch No Time to Die.

@proactiveservices mainly wondering because I was halfway through No Time to Die, but honestly I don't know who half the characters are so I'm wondering if they are from older movies, but it seems they have all appeared in the other Daniel Craig 007 movies, but I've just forgotten. So I'm probably going to have to rewatch them all πŸ˜…

@proactiveservices 🀣 I know that James bond is the character, not the actor. I was more trying to establish if eg in the James Bond world, are they all literally the same person (Ie is the Danial Craig James Bond, the same person as the Sean Connery James Bond, or if they are completely isolated "worlds", or if James Bond is actually a code name and they have a "real" name that they grew up with, and are assigned the James Bond name once they joined MI6.

Question for the James Bond fans here:
- Is the James Bond character supposed to be the same from the first movie, until the most recent? Or is James Bond also a code name similar to the 007 code name?

- Are the movies connected? I've basically only seen from Die Another Day, until the most recent, but I've always felt a bit confused about who some characters are.

I'm currently watching No Time to Die, and I'm quite significantly confused. Though, tbh I have forgotten what happened in Spectre

This is probably the best tasting energy drink I have ever had.

@strawberryfieldsforever @freemo πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ first time I've come across this site. Seems interesting.

@strawberryfieldsforever Err koyu.space is currently listed πŸ˜‚ I was just about to message you as well!

@freemo For a second I thought both you and @stux had suddenly decided to shutdown your instances as I was getting a crap load of errors in sidekiq 🀣 Took a while to realise it's a DNS issue.

@freemo They've marked the domain as malicious, so anyone using Quad9 as their DNS resolver, won't be able to reach mstdn.social or qoto.org as they dont resolve:




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