Everything seems to be going wrong lately. Completely mentally drained, and feeling hopeless.

@ChangelingRandy Please add me to Anime and Manga, Friendly People, Information Technology, Linux, Sysadmins, Video Games.

@ChangelingRandy Please add me to Anime and Manga, Friendly People, Information Technology, Linux, Sysadmins, Video Games.

I am very tired. Spent the whole day cleaning up the Keybase proofs integration PR


After asking around for feedback and returning sponsor money, I decided that it wouldn't really hurt and the publicity would be good


@noorul Haha Indian Pre-wdding events are very busy. Here in the UK we dilute a lot of the various pre-wedding events but I remember when I went to India for my uncles wedding, there was something happening almost every night for two weeks or so before the wedding, it was crazy!

Haha I'm sure the pressure is crazy right now. I'm so glad I don't have to deal with that anymore.

3 days left.... I wonder how much faster this will be if I remove the disk from the USB enclosure and connect directly via SATA.

@noorul I was wondering why I hadn't seen you here for a while! How is everything?

Fuck the arsehole who thought it was a good idea to come to my fucking country and walk into a peaceful mosque and kill people. Fuck you, you're the scum of the earth and you don't deserve to be called Human. You're an evil fuckwit who has robbed people of their loved ones.

RIP to those who met their untimely end today in Christchurch, New Zealand. ☠️

To get horny or go to sleep
Decisions are hard

All you need to build your own little fine dust sensor & outdoor weather station:

- ESP32 micro controller
- SDS011 laser scattering particle sensor
- BME280 temp/humidity sensor
- Jumper wires
- PVC flexible tube
- PVC pipe for protection

You can get all those parts for ~$30.

Instructions: luftdaten.info/en/home-en/

A map of particle sensors:

hair levels are holding at 36%

(36%) ■■■□□□□□□□

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