teeth levels are currently at 69% but fluctuating wildly

(69%) ■■■■■■□□□□

Ordered a Western Digital Black NVMe SSD for my laptop. Excited for it to arrive! At the moment, it has a SATA SSD. Looking forward to the performance boost!

Please santa can I get my own ASN for birthday


@selea Unfortunately I had to get rid of the rack recently :(
Though I still have most of the equipment haha.

I'm getting impatient. This is taking too long!

@selea @selea Ohh that's cool.
I just wanted to play with anycast, and I have a slightly over the top home lab (blog.hamzahkhan.com/home-lab/) so I played with it in there. I've always wanted to work with interesting networking concepts in production, but never really had the chance.

@selea Is this anycast for your own internal network? I've always wanted to play with anycast but it's a bit boring playing with it just in my home lab.

@static Pamper's is no good? I knew about the others on that list, but not Pamper's

Finding people to follow across the Fediverse requires some effort on #Mastodon.

@snder damn it I honestly thought it was Thursday until I saw this post :(

@mmarif haha. My wife is due to give birth to my second son this week. Saturday is the "due" date, but it can be early or late too.

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