My two year old had an ear infection, and thr medicine the doctor prescribed makes him very sleepy.
I love how quickly it makes him fall asleep 🤣

I stupidly procrastinated going to sleep until around 4:30AM.
My 6 month old daughter decided it was time to wake up at 5AM.
Finally got her back to sleep at 6AM, only for my other two kids deciding to wake up at 7AM.

Got home from work today, and my one month old daughter gave me a huge smile, and was cooing at me. Made me so happy, and my wife jealous as she never does that to her.😂
Our two boys are fully mummy's boys, so I'm really hoping she will be a daddies girl!

I made doughnuts! This is the first half of the dough. Still have a lot more to make. Wifey and kids are going to decorate them tomorrow. Kiddos have been bored out of their minds the last few days, figured they'll have some fun decorating them. My three year old "helped" while I made the dough. (Ie touch everything he shouldn't be touching 😅)

Wife isn't feeling very well today, so I'm trying my best to keep kids away from her so she can rest. Thankfully, my little one is being very easy today. Normally it would be a mission to brush his teeth, wash his face and feed him breakfast, but today he has been very easy about it all!

Kiddos are super hyper for some reason 😔 trying to feed them dinner while running around behind them.

So tired today. I feel like all my energy is gone. I just wanted the kids to sleep early today, so I can rest but unfortunately they had other plans.
Ah well. They are finally asleep now.

We are looking for a nursery for our three year old to start in September. It's giving me so much anxiety, the thought of leaving him with a stranger.
I guess it's something all parents go through 😓

My Son: "Daddy, tomorrow we will make pizza today!"
😂 It made me laugh.

Just watched Cars 3 with my two year old son. He fell asleep before the end (he didn't have his nap yet), but I surprisingly enjoyed it.

At the Science Museum with my two year old. He's over the moon, he doesn't know where to look because there are so many interesting things 😂 it's so cute.

My three week old son is so gassy, he won't stop crying. I want to cry too. 😭

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