Looks like we are finally on lockdown. I wish this had been done earlier.

Someone from just stopped by to convince us to vote Labour. I wonder if any of the other parties will also stop by or if it's just because my area is a Labour safe seat and they want to keep it that way

Have to get rid of my 45U rack. So sad :( if anyone around us intended and can arrange transport, it's yours for free

Have a horrible , but the only pain killers that work for me ( pink) have been out of stock in all the pharmacies i have checked for months.

Hello! I'm Hamzah. I'm a engineer at a large video games company in .
I consider myself a hardcore geek, but these days most of my time is taken up by my son and wife. While I don't really consider myself much of a gamer, I do love the series.
I'm very interested in automation, and have a small addiction to , and home-assistant.io.


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