Is there any way to change the NFS mount path for a PV?
It says it is immutable, but re-creating all of them will be a very long process :(

Hmm I want to "upgrade" my home cluster to either or , and drop docker in favour of cri-o, but I'm not sure what they best way would be to go about it without too much down time. I'm not sure if you can mix container runtimes in ?
Could just rebuild one host at a time if they can be mixed.

Hello! I'm Hamzah. I'm a /#devops engineer in my day job. I live in .
I consider myself a hardcore geek, but these days most of my time is taken up by my three kids and wife.

I'm very interested in automation, and have a small addiction to , and .

Has anyone deployed on ? I'm going to give it a shot over the weekend.

Does anyone here run in ?
I'm interested in moving my Omnibus gitlab instance to my cluster, but I'm a bit confused about how it all interacts to be honest.

Has anyone run a cluster across DCs? I'm reading everywhere saying it's not a good idea
What is the current state of cluster federation? Last time I looked into it, it was in very early stages.

This might be a very obvious question.... but when running on , what should worker_processes be set to? As far as I can tell from googling, nginx isn't cgroup aware, so auto wouldn't work.

Hmm using as my ingress can be a bit annoying at times as it uses IngressRoute object instead of the normal Ingress objects. It means things such as the Jaeger Tracing operator can't create Ingress rules automatically

It's so frustrating that tries to do a chown recursively every time a pod starts up if you have fsGroup set. For a volume with a very large amount of files (eg minio!), it means the pod will take ages to start up.

Finally got my cluster back up. All I wanted to do was upgrade kubernetes, and add a few nodes with Fedora CoreOS, but it exploded in my face. Switched back to CentOS 7 for now.

I bought 4 more nodes for my cluster.... my wife is going to kill me when she finds out 😅

I've been spending the last week going through a training course for . I really want to switch my home cluster from K8S to OpenShift, but it would be problematic as I have very little RAM and CPU for my cluster.

It totals 16GB, and 4 CPU cores across two nodes, and the CPUs aren't great either (G1840T).

I want a couple of quad core i7/i5 NUCs to add to the cluster. If I come across some for a reasonable price, I will definitely be getting them.

I wish FreeIPA had better integration with other tools, such as it would be so nice if or -manager could request certificates from (ie Dogtag), or if ExternalDNS could setup DNS records on FreeIPA's DNS server (BIND).

I've just upgraded the last of my "standalone" docker instances to v2. I'm a little nervous to do it on my as I'm sure it will break a lot of things :(

I set a horizontal pod autoscaler on my sidekiq deployment in my cluster. It's cool seeing the number of pods increase.

Just wiped my two HP Microservers to add them to my home cluster. I used Atomic Host. It's a shame CoreOS isn't stable yet, and isn't compatible with yet.

Hmm really need more nodes for my home cluster. I tried to deploy the Helm chart, but it was pretty much unusable, mainly because my nodes are formed of very crappy Intel Celeron CPUs which are already over worked.

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