Does have a web UI similar to ? I have cortex running.... but I can't seem to find any UI to query for metrics. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, or if it doesn't have a UI.

Can anyone recommend any service similar to PagerDuty to plug into for monitoring alerts? I want something that will first send a SMS, then escalate to a phone call if it isn't acknowledged

What is HP's equivilant for Dell's OpenManage Enterprise?
Ie something that can apply firmware updates, and do hardware configuration etc

Does anyone use nolisting on their domains? Ie set the primary MX that is always unavailable. If so, how much does it delay email?

Does anyone know any cheap inbound mail relay providers? Ie somewhere that I can set my MX records to them, and pass it on to my mail server. Preferably with some spam filtering too.

Is there a way to figure out 95th percentile of bandwidth usage using ? I can't seem to figure out how

This might be a very obvious question.... but when running on , what should worker_processes be set to? As far as I can tell from googling, nginx isn't cgroup aware, so auto wouldn't work.

Does anyone know of an open source WAF appliance that is idiot friendly and potentially with a graphical interface?

I have tried ModSecurity / NAXSI in the past, but tbh I always found they needed a crap load of maintenance all the time.

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