Yay, got Plex working with and it's able to Transcode using hardware acceleration. :)

Probably going to move all the containers running on this machine to podman.

Yesterday I watched the South black comedy movie Parasite. It was super dark movie, but very good.

Just watched Cars 3 with my two year old son. He fell asleep before the end (he didn't have his nap yet), but I surprisingly enjoyed it.

Interesting. I switched my my IPSec connections from IKEv1 to IKEv2, and my routers CPU load has dropped from around 50% to ~25%. That's pretty cool

It's almost time to go home but I'm still so sleepy, and need more coffee.

Watching the last episode of Hotel Del Luna. Who is cutting onions right now?! I don't want it to end :(

I just watched the Aladdin movie. I enjoyed it. The first 15 minutes or so I felt were a bit cringy because they directly copied things from the cartoon movie that aren't so "cute" in real life, but after that, it was all pretty good.

I finished catching up on Black Clover. Really enjoying it. Can't wait for next weeks episode

Just finished watching Kingdom. If you like zombies, and k-dramas then this is a must watch. Very well made. I really enjoyed it!

Hardware transcoding, and CPU is sitting quite idle now 😃

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