Geez, and this is just a recap of the last six months.
I think this is what he means by "keep delivering".

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I just started watching Jujitsu Kisen. Nine episodes in, I'm enjoying it so far.

Biscuit broke and fell into my tea. It was a custard cream too. :(

This is probably the best tasting energy drink I have ever had.

Just watched Don't Look Up (2021).
I really enjoyed the movie, but honestly left me feeling a bit sad for the state of how humans have become as the representation was quite accurate in it in imo.

Just watched Boss Level. I quite enjoyed it. It's one of those movies you have to kind of turn your brain off, and ignore plot holes. It's a kind of funny, violent, action movie with a lot of silly/snarky lines.

Me and my wife started watching Squid Game Korean drama on Netflix. I'm hooked 😅

Filtering out my cold brew . My wife isn't really a coffee person, but she steals all of my cold brew while I'm at work 😡

It's super slow, but still pretty cool imo!
I couldn't get any of the lighter interfaces working for some reason.

It would be nice if I could basically just use it as a Web browser, nothing else.

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Last month ago, I ordered some cheap BLE temperature/humidity sensors from eBay. They finally arrived last weekend, and I used an ESP32 with to get the sensor readings from them.

Initially I just wanted a sensor for the utility closet as that's where my lives, but the sensors were quite cheap so I bought a pack of 5 and put one in each room. The living room has not been comfortable this week. 😅

We went to a Japanese Steak and Sushi restaurant for our 6th anniversary yesterday. First time I have had wagyu steak. We had to cook it on a hot stone. Unfortunately, my skills with chopsticks are lacking, and so I had trouble taking the steak off the stone so I ended up slightly over cooking the steak. It was still so frigging good though.

Finally managed to factory reset the BMC on this server. I ended up having to pull out the flash, and reflashing it with a raspberry pi 😅 kinda crazy that there doesn't seem to be any easy way to factory reset it (according to gigabyte)

Technology has truly come so far. Water, made from other bottles! Amazing.

Just watched The Tomorrow War. I quite enjoyed it. You have to kind of turn off your brain, and ignore a lot of plot holes, but I definitely enjoyed it.

Finally got my lab cluster fully switched over to . No more docker here! Only CRI-O.

Funnily, my "production" cluster has been running for the last 4 months. In-fact it updated automagically from 33 -> 34 automatically without me having to do anything thanks to Zincati.

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