Just watched Peninsula (also known as Train to Busan 2). I really enjoyed it. Much better than the first one. Now I want another

Just watched the last episode of "It's Okay to Not Be Okay". I really enjoyed it. There were things they didn't explain but still a very good .

Finally the resilver is complete. Only took 31h34m. I was so nervous the whole time just in case another disk or two fails wile resilvering. 😅
I'm pretty sure the resilvering took so long because I'm using RAIDZ2 and the CPU in this machine isn't great so it's very slow at calculating parity blocks etc.

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Hope I don't have any other disks fail in the next 16 hours.....

I made Chicago style deep dish . It was goooood. Though I think next time I will use less yest in the dough.

I made cinnamon rolls with my sister a couple of days ago. Went a bit crazy with the frosting, but they turned out really good!

Yay, got Plex working with and it's able to Transcode using hardware acceleration. :)

Probably going to move all the containers running on this machine to podman.

Yesterday I watched the South black comedy movie Parasite. It was super dark movie, but very good.

Just watched Cars 3 with my two year old son. He fell asleep before the end (he didn't have his nap yet), but I surprisingly enjoyed it.

Interesting. I switched my my IPSec connections from IKEv1 to IKEv2, and my routers CPU load has dropped from around 50% to ~25%. That's pretty cool

It's almost time to go home but I'm still so sleepy, and need more coffee.

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