Does anyone use ? I'm considering changing from to Blocky because it seems a lot more friendly (it's a single yaml file for configuration!). I don't really use any of the graphing etc features of Pi Hole anyway.

@mhamzahkhan Give Adguard home a look. No idea how it behaves with K8s, but I like it a lot more than pihole.


@michael I did take a look at Adguard, but I thought it was quite similar to PiHole in the sense that it uses a number of different files for configuration, and is "stateful" (ie has a database and other bits that must be persisted to disk). I liked how blocky sounds because it's stateless. Literally a single yaml config file, and that's all.
This way, you can very easily run multiple replicas of it on kubernetes. With Adguard/PiHole you can't (or at least not easily)

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