I need some newer machines for my cluster, perhaps with either a Nvidia GPU or at least QSV support. I'm running Tdarr to convert all my media to x265 to reclaim some disk space, but it's sooooo slow without hardware transcoding.

@mhamzahkhan any estimates how much you'll save by doing that? Sounds like an interesting endeavour.

@sheogorath Well, it's going extremely slow as I'm using purely software transcoding but I have some files which were reduced from eg 1126.4MB to 572MB, and I don't really see any noticeable difference in image quality. Other files didn't get such a big reduction, but if I can reduce the disk utilization by even 30% I'll be happy!

This is going to take forever though without hardware support. 😭

This guy says he reclaimed 700GB :

@sheogorath I have the Intel GPU stuff for K8S deployed already, but the problem is my K8S cluster is pretty much all using Haswell CPUs, which do have Quicksync, but only H264, not H265, so H265 is all done completely in software :(

@mhamzahkhan Uff, but does it then even make sense to convert everything? Do you use something like Plex or alike to make them accessible (which would might try to convert them on the fly again?) or do access them directly, so it doesn't matter beyond that?

@sheogorath I'm using Plex, but my TV and phone (my two main viewing devices!) both supports H265 natively so they just direct play it. Occasionally it has to transcode on the fly if eg there is a image based subtitles embedded in the file, then it has to do its thing to burn in the subs since my TV can't display those natively. Text based subtitles work fine without transcoding though.

@sheogorath My main motivation (appart from the disk space saving!) was because my TV only has 100Mbit ethernet, and for some 4K movies, more than 100Mbit was needed.
@magnus919 Mentioned that H265 is a lot more efficent, without any loss of image quality and should work with 100Mbit for most videos, and indeed he is right!
Things are working much better with H265 and I personally can't see any noticable loss of image quality. Though, that could just be because my eyes are bad. 😂

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