I need a HTPC or a Nvidia Shield or something. Can't really play high bitrate 4K files on my TV because the ethernet port is only 100mbit

@mhamzahkhan transcode to h.265 and 100Mbps can handle full quality with room to spare.

@magnus919 I was just trying this, but my machines are all quite crappy.🤣
I only have a crappy GTX 750 Ti, which can't do 4k let alone h.265, and none of my servers has quicksync either (either too old, or Xeon without quicksync), so transcoding is taking forever.

@mhamzahkhan check out Tdarr. It won’t make things go faster but it will eventually get through your library. (but yes having even one GPU available would help)

@magnus919 i actually just setup tdar last week. Well...I have it running on my k8s cluster, but I haven't got around to actually making it do stuff.

Are you using tdarr?

@mhamzahkhan I set it up but I have to mess with it some more to limit where it runs on my cluster.

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