The SD-Card in the I set up for my parent's house has died. Annoying.

@mhamzahkhan Can you use the image on a normal PC? I recently did some system re-configuring, and was worried about exactly this sort of thing happening and thought it may be wise to migrate to a complete "server" (old desktop lol). Alternatively, can you schedule backup images so you can quickly reflash to a new card without losing data?

@johnabs for my personal homeassistant instance, I'm using a normal PC, but for my parents place I needed something as small as possible. For my parents place, I'm only using homeassistant for a few very basic automation. In hind sight, I should have setup backups regardless, but it's so very basic stuff I can set it up again in a few minutes.
My personal one is backed up though 😅

@mhamzahkhan If you don't mind me asking, what hardware do you recommend for integrations??

I've been wanting to get a nice doorbell camera, and some other nice cameras and minor automations set up, but most of the smart devices aren't FOSS, and like to phone home which I'm not comfortable with (like the Blink cameras for example, not a fan).

I've found some products with mixed reviews, but I think it'd be best to ask someone with experience directly, if you don't mind that is :)

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