How the Ukraine War EXPOSES Western Racism | Peter Oborne

@mhamzahkhan 100% agree that we need to be more consistent with applying morals to all situations, not just the ones we find convenient. I've been saying it for years, yet people rarely listen.

However, I'm unsure exactly how much of this is attributable to racism, and how much is attributable to media coverage and "playing the political game" well.

Ukraine, specifically Zelenskyy, has done an excellent job using social media to spread the word, and more importantly the western media has been reporting on it. I think this is because Ukrainians have been recording everything and posting it, which fits in with their 24hr news cycle.

In Yemen/Afghanistan/etc, you don't see much media other than the professionally produced work of journalists who have to pay for expensive equipment, plane tickets, etc, which limits the amount of videos and how much the western media is willing to report on it. So if we can get more live recordings of the tragedies as they occur (as we've seen happen in Ukraine), it may alleviate this issue.


@johnabs Apologise, I ended up rambling too much and it's too much for Mastodon: 😂

@mhamzahkhan I think you raise a LOT of very valid points; however, I want to point out one inconsistency which I think lines up with my proposal a bit better: your mention of the support for BLM protests being shared plastered all over social media. If this were truly a primarily racial issue, I don't think the double standard would exist across racial lines, right? Why would racial apathy toward this middle eastern countries not apply to other races (e.g. blacks)?

And don't get me wrong, I'm sure for many people there is at least somewhat of a racial component, but I think just as many people are being inconsistent when trying to ascribe motivation behind the apparent disparity.


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