Question for the James Bond fans here:
- Is the James Bond character supposed to be the same from the first movie, until the most recent? Or is James Bond also a code name similar to the 007 code name?

- Are the movies connected? I've basically only seen from Die Another Day, until the most recent, but I've always felt a bit confused about who some characters are.

I'm currently watching No Time to Die, and I'm quite significantly confused. Though, tbh I have forgotten what happened in Spectre

James Bond is the character, not the actor. Paradoxically, each actor makes Bond anew in their own way and with their own flair. The movies were not originally connected, except for recurring characters such as Q, M, Miss Moneypenny and Felix. Plot lines across films is a modern twist. If it has Daniel Craig in it, it's connected to other Craig Bonds.

@proactiveservices 🤣 I know that James bond is the character, not the actor. I was more trying to establish if eg in the James Bond world, are they all literally the same person (Ie is the Danial Craig James Bond, the same person as the Sean Connery James Bond, or if they are completely isolated "worlds", or if James Bond is actually a code name and they have a "real" name that they grew up with, and are assigned the James Bond name once they joined MI6.

@proactiveservices mainly wondering because I was halfway through No Time to Die, but honestly I don't know who half the characters are so I'm wondering if they are from older movies, but it seems they have all appeared in the other Daniel Craig 007 movies, but I've just forgotten. So I'm probably going to have to rewatch them all 😅

@mhamzahkhan Ah what I mean is, each actor always plays James Bond and he's meant to be the same character :-D

Love the scene where Eva Green's character (Moneypenny) dumps herself in front of Bond (Daniel Craig) and explains herself: "I'm the money".

@mhamzahkhan There's a podcast (ad free) called Kill James Bond where they try to figure that out. Well the goal of the pod isn't that, but they talk about that too.

If it's the same person he's a WW2 veteran, he's been to space, and is often surprised about a lot of mundane stuff that happened in the last movie.

They seem to go kind of back and forth with it being a code name or the same person. I don't think the producers know. That's my armchair understanding of it anyway.

@human_equivalent based on what others have said it seems it might just be parallel timelines for 3ach iteration of James Bond. I guess that makes most sense, as he would be ancient in No Time to Die since he's a WW2 veteran!

@mhamzahkhan The Daniel Craig films (Casino Royale through to No Time to Die) should be considered as their own isolated telling of the Bond character. Not connected to prior films but certainly using the same characters.

@michael are the ones prior to Danial Craig connected to each other? Or basically each actor is basically a parallel time line?

Never really been a massive James Bond fan, but I basically had to stop watching No Time to Die, because I'm so lost as to what is happening. Think I'm going yo have to re-watch all of thr Danial Craig movies before I watch No Time to Die.

@mhamzahkhan I haven't watched the older ones in a while, you'd probably say the Brosnan films were loosely connected to each other. Confusingly, Dame Judi Dench played M in both the Brosnan films and the earlier Craig films. But 'Casino Royale' is referred to as a reboot. If you're just trying to follow 'No Time To Die', I wouldn't worry about any films outside the Craig era. This isn't the MCU, don't get too hung up on canon :P

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