Looks like Quad9 has listed and
Just in case you weren't already aware!

@stux @freemo

@freemo They've marked the domain as malicious, so anyone using Quad9 as their DNS resolver, won't be able to reach or as they dont resolve:

Thanks i just sent them an email asking whats up. I cant imagine why that would happen

@freemo For a second I thought both you and @stux had suddenly decided to shutdown your instances as I was getting a crap load of errors in sidekiq 🤣 Took a while to realise it's a DNS issue.


I really wish these services would be more careful and double check this stuff first. There is absolutely no reason for this that i know of.


@mhamzahkhan @freemo I actually changed the config on my pihole to resolve using Google as well because I had issues resolving with Quad9

Hey, even was listed a long while ago.
So, I reached out to them to delist it, via email, and they told me that they had received multiple reports or something.
To delist it, the owner of the site has to ask them to do it!

@lucifer @stux @mhamzahkhan

@strawberryfieldsforever Err is currently listed 😂 I was just about to message you as well!

Yes, it is still listed! I hadn't told my admin.☺️

That's why I changed my DNS provider.

Seems negligent to list it based on reports rsther than verifying it.

My guess is some group of people got pissed off at qoto because someone had an opinion they didnt like and then they got a ton of people to report us as some vendetta or some shit.


Seems negligent to list it based on reports rather than verifying it.


then they got a ton of people to report us

I think so, too.

Actually i seem to have found something relevant. It appears there is a user on both qoto and mstdn that is somehow related. See this link

same chap, definitely! 😲

Is it possible to find the one for
It's still listed.

@strawberryfieldsforever @freemo 🤷‍♂️ first time I've come across this site. Seems interesting.

@mhamzahkhan @strawberryfieldsforever @freemo it looks like botnets are using the mastodon api as command and control server and this is not fun to figure out

I managed to get qoto removed from all security threat lists and got quad9 to retract our block as well. Qoto should work on quad9 moving forward and hopefully should no longer be a problem with other services either.
@mhamzahkhan @strawberryfieldsforever

That's glad to know.
Hopefully, koyu and other domains get removed, too.

By the way, in their email reply to me, they mentioned that #Quad9 is considering joining #Mastodon! :blobcatgiggle:
I guess, they may note receive a red-carpet welcome here! :02smile:
@koyuchan @mhamzahkhan

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