During work hours, while I'm using my work MacBook, there are a lot of things I miss from Linux, and in the evenings when I switch to my personal laptop, I have found myself missing some things from Mac 😅

@dick_turpin if there were such a thing that combines the good things of both, it would be unstoppable.

@mhamzahkhan What do you miss from the Mac? I'm curious about what I don't know.

@michael To be honest it's a bit of a tricky one to answer, because I think some of my reasons for missing my MacBook while using my personal Linux laptop, is due to performance.
My laptop is kinda old, it's a 7th gen i7 with only two cores whereas my MacBook is a shiny new MacBook Air M1, so there is definitely a difference in performance

@michael I do like how things "just work" on the Mac. For example, I had some complaints about background noise during meetings, so I went a bit over kill and bought a Behringer UMC202HD audio interface, along with a fancy dynamic microphone. While it works in Linux, I had to mess around a lot with pipewire to get it working well, but even still it works better on a Mac, and I didn't have to mess around to get it working

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