@sheogorath Heres a question you might now, Zincati is trying to update my FCOS K8S clusters, but it's erroring due to:
Packages not found: cri-o
Any idea why that would be? Afaik the cri-o package is available in the updates-modular repository, but tbh I'm not really 100% on how zincati/rpm-ostree works :S

@mhamzahkhan mhm, since crio is versioned in sync with Kubernetes, I could imagine that this particular version of the crio module, that you use in your cluster, is not available for Fedora 35.

@sheogorath Ah! that makes sense! I didn't even think of that.
I'll try upgrading K8S first!

@mhamzahkhan uhm, usually you first upgrade crio, then kubernetes, since crio maintains backwards compatibility with the container runtime interface.

@sheogorath I'm using kubespray.
It has a task to handle crio upgrade crio to a compatible version with the version of K8S it is trying to deploy.

@sheogorath Turns out this was the issue:

I'm guessing when the last automatic update happened, it upgraded to rpm-ostree >= 2021.9, which enabled modules, and the cri-o stream wasn't enabled. There is a pull request for kubespray already, so hopefully it will get merged soon.

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