I just watched .
I don't really know what to make of it. I was drawn in throughout the whole movie but tbh I didn't really fully understand what was going on.... but I'm guessing things will get clearer in the movies that will follow

@mhamzahkhan I'm surprised they went with movie and not TV series for this reason.

@LovesTha I'm not sure I would have watched it if it were a TV series 😂
Have you read the book? I'm considering reading it now as this movie kinda got me interested.

@mhamzahkhan lets try that again (we are talking Dune, not foundation).

Yes I've read all the ones by Frank, but not the ones by his family.

@mhamzahkhan It feels like a movie made for people who've read the book, rather than something intended for people experiencing it for the first time.
It's clear the director wanted a thoughtful pace, really should have gone with a series format. But when you're "competing" with Christopher Nolan I guess you've got to make it on Imax.

@michael Yep, that's the feeling I got as well as I didn't really feel I was following the story very well.
It has got me intrigued, and now I am considering reading the book because according to the movie's Wikipedia page, the next part of the movie is due for 2023!

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