I was listening to BBC news this morning. I don't usually, but I was ironing my shirt, and figured why not.
I found it funny how they were getting "tech recruiters" to comment on the outage..... as if they are the industry experts on such matters 🤨

@mhamzahkhan The BBC is so bad these days. In fact, so bad it's a step up to watch Good Morning Britain; that's how bad they've become.

@srednivashtar Very true. I don't usually watch/listen to BBC because of it. They are extremely biased, and just generally misleading in that they pick and choose what they will report on.
I just wanted something for background noise this morning, and it reminded my why I don't like the BBC 😂

@mhamzahkhan You'll have to start watching the shopping channel. You can buy a lovely 27 jewel gold watch as worn by celebrities for the stunning price of £3.37 and there only 287 left so hurry!

@srednivashtar I'm more interested in the sandwich makers on those channels! 😂

@mhamzahkhan LOL

Or those cookers that can do everything including the washing up.
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