Installed on my old Nexus 7 (2012) during my lunch break, just to play with

It's super slow, but still pretty cool imo!
I couldn't get any of the lighter interfaces working for some reason.

It would be nice if I could basically just use it as a Web browser, nothing else.

@mhamzahkhan "Graphics: llvmpipe", well that explains the slowness alright. Seems the device supports 3D acceleration but it's not used by Phosh yet. Maybe Plasma Mobile works better?

More details at

@bart I couldn't get plasma to work. It looked like Xorg tried to start, but the screen stayed blank.

I tried a few different UIs, but I could only get weston, and Phosh working.

@mhamzahkhan Plasma Mobile is Wayland though 😜 Check `~/.local/state/tinydm.log`

@bart oh it is? For some reason I saw it trying to launch xorg. I'll try it again tonight! Would be nice if I could make this into something usable, even just for browsing!

@bart Hmmm I just re-flashed with Plasma, but it's definitely trying to start Xorg, and not Wayland. It also looks like it's trying to start sddm, and not tinydm?

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