Someone is coming to collect a bunch of my old home lab routers and switches from when I was interested in certifications. They are quite old devices, but I'm still kinda sad to see them go. Need the space though. :(

I particularly wanted to play with the Cisco 7204 VXRs a bit more, but they were so power hungry, and noisy that I didn't really get a chance. I remember being extremely pleased that I got all three for £1 each. My manager at work at the time was head of network infrastructure, and even he was shocked that I got them for so cheap.

I really wanted to buy the NPE-G1 module for all 3 of the 7204s, but it was a bit expensive at the time.

I suppose I could just always use GNS3 or VIRL (if it's still called that) if I ever feel like playing with Cisco equipment again, but that's not the same as physical hardware!

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