Has anyone deployed on ? I'm going to give it a shot over the weekend.


urgh nvm not going to attempt. It needs MSSQL. I'd rather not have to run yet another database tbh πŸ˜“

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@mhamzahkhan I think a lot of self-hosters run bitwarden_rs, which is a clone of the server-side software written in rust, by independent developers.

@sheogorath Ah! Nice that supports postgres! Will give that a shot!

@mhamzahkhan oh, wasn't aware of that, I'm just using the official cloud hosted at bitwarden.com :/

@sheogorath I might just do that as well.
My family have been using Lastpass, but due to the recent changes they've made to the free plan, we were looking to move away from it.
Although.... both Lastpass Family, and Bitwarden Family packages aren't too badly priced πŸ€”

@mhamzahkhan If you have more than 2 people that you consider part of your family, I can highly recommend the family plan πŸ‘

Also migration is super easy :)

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