It's rather annoying that if you sell something on eBay, the buyer can report it as defective and you basically HAVE to refund it. I sold a few Intel Neural Compute Sticks on eBay. These are the original NCS sticks, which aren't supported anymore.
Buyer wants a refund because they didn't do any research before buying, and only just discovered that they would have to use an older version of OpenVino in order to use the NCS. That's not really my fault is it?

I mean, I put the exact model number, so they could easily research it, just as I did when I originally bought them.
And it's just unfair to report it as defective, as now I have to cover the return postage, when in reality in my opinion this is entirely the buyer fault as they didn't research it before buying! If anything, they should cover the postage back to me.


This is like going on eBay, and buying a Intel Pentium 4 machine, and complaining that Windows 10 doesn't support it, then asking for a refund. It's not really the sellers fault, is it?

Mannnnnnnn this woman is irritating the hell out of me. I said I would refund it, but she has to pay for postage back. All she has to do is change it so it's no longer marked as "Doesn't work or is defective", then request a refund the proper way. That way I don't have to pay for the return postage. I just don't see why I should incur a loss of any amount due to a mistake she made!

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