I really want to grow out my beard longer, but I'm bad at shaping it once it gets longer than around 4cm. I normally just keep it at around 3.5cm at the longest part.

@mhamzahkhan the medium lengths really are stubborn, one has to endure it, 100% worth it ;)

@bonifartius I'm not sure I could handle the scruffy look while growing it out to be long enough to shape nicely 😥

@mhamzahkhan you could try a wax. one usually only needs a tiny bit, it won't look like hair gel :)

@bonifartius I usually use a beard balm already, but even so, once it gets to the medium lengths, it starts looking too scruffy. Though, to be honest my biggest problem is I just don't know how to shape it correctly at longer lengths. I always mess it up.

@mhamzahkhan i'm not sure if there is a really good way to trim at medium lenghts.. it gets much easier when longer from my experience, as the hairs don't stand up that much then.

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