I'm using 4G for my home internet connection now. I'm behind CGNAT, so I can't really easily host things at home anymore. :(

At the moment, I have a GRE/IPSec tunnel going to the router at my colo, and then reverse proxying traffic to my home K8S cluster. I don't really like that method so much, but it works for now.

Ideally, I'd like to set the default route to route everything over the GRE/IPsec tunnel, but both routers involved aren't great and it would limit my throughput quite significantly.
I also looked at one of the VPN providers that assign a public IP address, but again, OpenVPN on my tiny little ERLite would be severely limited on throughput.


I also need to replace the 4G modem/router thing that my provider gave me. It doesn't support bridge mode, meaning there is an extra layer of NAT. Who knows how many layers of NAT I'm going through at the moment 😂

My ERLite NAT's all connections out to the internet, then the ISP provided router does it again, then provider CGNATs everything. So icky.

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