Having all sorts of problems with my cluster, and gluster.
I'm going to move it to using iSCSI on a server. I don't think I've ever experienced working well.

@mhamzahkhan Hi! You install #ovirt with hosted engine? Or dedicated server with engine? Gluster with dedicated 10Gbit network?

@dark4rest Yep, I used the hosted engine. Gluster is using a dedicated 1Gb interface. I don't have 10G unfortunately :(

@mhamzahkhan I've been working with #ovirt for over 3 years. For working #gluster minimum need 10G dedicated network. If you want use Hosted Engine - you mast deploy it to dedcated #ovirt cluster. 1G iSCSI - for testing only. For hyperconverged infrastructure you must use SSD disks and over 10Gbit networks. Or you having all sorts of problems.

@dark4rest Last weekend, I rebuilt my cluster using multipath iSCSI. It's only 2x1G ethernet, with 4x1TB spinning disks, but man it's working so much better. Though, I've almost run out of disk space already. 😅

@mhamzahkhan gluster on 1Gb ethernet is practically inoperable. iSCSI on the same ethernet can be quite used. You just need to configure the start of virtual machines so that they are not launched simultaneously.

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