Does anyone actually use a browser based editor as their main editor? Eg something like Eclipse Che, or Theia, or VSCode? It seems like a cool concept, but I'm not really sure where it would be useful.

@mhamzahkhan I often end up using #Theia in #GitPod. I'm at my parents' for the lockdown and have my work laptop only with me at the moment. And, our work laptops block installation of every single thing. Which is why when I need to work on minor stuff like updating the dependencies of a package I maintain, GitPod is my go to.

For major devlopements, I use #codeserver running on a #Hetzner server.

@mhamzahkhan I personally use VSCod(ium). I fail to see any difference between emacs and VSCode except for the elisp vs Ecmascript shenanigans

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