I finally managed to compile LineageOS for my old phone (Mi A1). Only took two weeks. The build time itself didn't take very long, but I ran into a number of silly issues while trying to setup my build environment..
It's basically the same as the nightly build from the Lineage website, but it's kinda cool that I compiled it myself.

@mhamzahkhan I admire that you had the patience and 100GB of disk space around to do this. I was checking the instructions and quickly decided that Android and I are not a perfect match when it comes to compiling stuff myself :D

@sheogorath Honestly it wasn't "that bad". My main problem was that on Fedora dex2oat kept segfaulting, but it worked fine on CentOS 8. *Shrug* I'm not smart enough to figure out why it was segfaulting.

@mhamzahkhan nice! i got the same phone 😄
also wanted to try out building android myself some day, but probably not for this phone. or maybe never if it really takes 100gb 🙈

is the build process itself well described?


The Mi A1 is actually my old phone. My "main" phone is a S20 Ultra. I'm using the Mi A1 to see if I can adjust to a "de-googled" Android or not.

In regards to the build process, I basically followed the steps from and exactly.

The only things I done slightly differently is that I'm using CentOS for my build environment so the package names were a bit different.

I'd like to play with different kernel options. Looking on XDA Forums, some of the kernel mods seem quite interesting!

I'd kind of like to play with the kernel on my S20 Ultra too for some of the mods, but I don't really want to mess with my main phone until I'm 100% sure I want to put a custom ROM on it.

@mhamzahkhan oh yeah, i will also keep it around for testing, once i buy a new phone. it's always good to keep a spare one around.

the guide in the wiki seems doable, but cumbersome 😄
did you build it on a build server or your own machine?

i wonder how hard it would be to create your own, if there wasn't any branch for that specific device yet 🤔

@schrofi I have quite a few machines at home for my "home-lab", which I use for just playing with different things.

I've been wondering how hard it would be to add support for a device as well! I'm not sure I am smart enough to do it, but I did want to give it a shot. Unfortunately, I don't really have any other unsupported device to give it a try with.

@mhamzahkhan building android sounds like a nice use case for a homelab! 😃

i don't think i have the necessary skills either, but maybe i'll start checking out that branch to figure out what they actually did to make it work.

i especially wonder how hard it would be to keep supporting a device which they dropped support for 🤔

@schrofi I tried to look into how to get my old Nexus tablet working with 17.1 but tbh it was above my skill level 😅

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