People who use without Google Services, how do you get apps? I mean, I know there is
F-Droid, but naturally it's very limited in the apps selection

@mhamzahkhan if you only use free apps, you could install apps via the aurora store. didn't try it myself, though.

Aurora Store (A Google Playstore Client) -

@mhamzahkhan oh actually you can download purchased apps now! nice! 😲


This can be handy -

Also if you are going to run a different operating system, and really need/want to use an app that won't work without Google Play Services, because of safetynet, you can sometimes get lucky and find the developer offers a build, without safetynet, in the Amazon or Huawei app Stores.
Though I think Amazon rebuilds all apps in their store and add their own analytics to them :-/
Not sure about Huawei

@dazinism @mhamzahkhan thanks, that website is indeed handy!
damn, too bad n26 is not working with microg, kinda hoped that it would 😕
also, i think you're right about amazon, i recently read something about that as well.

Appears Amazon have stopped adding their own analytics to apps they offer in their app stores and distributing these rebuilds (which they sign)

Guess thats progress.

Wonder if you saw this mentioned in the recent open letter questioning Googles suggestion that they are going to start to require developers to hand over the signing keys for new apps?

This wouldn't be progress


@dazinism @mhamzahkhan you're right, i read that commonsware blog post, so i guess i got it from there 😃

if they changed it and that blog post was based on old information, the better. still not sure if i would trust amazon, though.

Take a look at the apps that you use regularly - the ones that you think you can't do without. There are probably alternative apps for most services, and where there aren't, well, is that a deal-breaker?

There's a lot of platform lock-in surrounding apps - some of it flaky.

@mhamzahkhan I'm mainly using F-droid apps, but might be due to my quite practical phone setup with integration to primary self-hosted or free software focused services.

I have 3 non-F-Droid apps, which are 2 banking apps and a riddle game. There is thankfully a growing number of apps that either can be installed from F-Droid or provide own F-droid compatible repositories like Bitwarden.

So the regular way is:
1. Is it in F-droid?
2. Do they have a direct download
3. Aurora

@sheogorath I've wanted to get rid of Google services for quite some time, but always felt reluctant purely because of the limited apps in the alternative App stores.
I may have to give it a go on an old, spare phone or something before I commit to remove Google from my main phone.

@mhamzahkhan the “yalp store” app within F-Droid is a way to access much of the Google Olay Store but via proxy, so Google doesn’t know who got that app. Sometimes doesn’t work, but expands what can be done.

I've been compiling a wiki page about how to get apps safely.
See the latest toot from @android-priv-sec


you download .apks from dubious sites. they're probably loaded with every kind of malware possible. then you side-load them and panic when they don't install. you start to look up antivirus checkers and realise the one for your phone is essentially McAffee's, and that's worse, so you just sink into a medium-level state of anxiety.

Aptoide works for me for (those very few and proprietary) things that F-Droid doesn't have
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