Has anyone here tried oil for relief? I'm curious about it.

@mhamzahkhan i tried it, but i couldn't really feel any effect 😕
it might differ from person to person, though

@schrofi What kind did you try? I'm considering getting a CBD vape liquid as people have said it helps with anxiety, but I've never vaped before so I'm a bit hesitant tbh 😅

@mhamzahkhan well, i tried the 4% extract & tea from as well as the cbd snus from cannadips.

never tried vaping cbd, but in general vaping is nothing to be afraid of, i'd say. not sure if it's worth it to get the equipment, though, if you don't know yet if it is actually gonna help you 🤷

@schrofi @mhamzahkhan
My friends sell CBD. They are a honest, hard working bunch. Helped them out with harvesting / drying their crops & commissioning some of their machinery.

@dazinism I'll take a look! I just bought some CBD vape juice, and a vape pen. I've never used CBD, or vaped/smoked/etc before, so it's going to be quite a new experience!

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