I want to collocate a server, but there aren't really any colo providers
(especially within London) that are reasonably priced for my purposes

@mhamzahkhan Yes, colocation usually starts around 3 digit numbers. I think there is one exception, and this is this raspberry Pi colocation in NL or Austria :D

@sheogorath Yup, the thing is I'm already paying £120 on 3 dedicated servers with OVH.
I recently got a Dell PowerEdge C6220 which has 4 nodes with 2x E5-2630 each, and 64GB RAM per node. It's a 2U box, so I thought colo might not be too bad. If I add a router and a switch, that's a total space of 4U.

All the colo providers I looked at, it's not so bad for a 4U with 1A circuit with 1x1Gbit uplink, but the C6220 requires way more than 1A, and that's where the price shoots up. :(

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