people of the fediverse, is there a better way to filter cold brew coffee?
At the moment I first use a french press to remove the larger particles, then use a normal paper filter, but it take forever as the smaller particles block up the paper filter. I think a major part of the problem is that I use pre-ground coffee for cold brew, purely because using my manual hand grinder takes too long to produce a large amount of ground coffee.

@elixx Hmm would a cheesecloth catch the finer particles? I find my cold brew is a lot better when I can remove the fine particles as much as possible.

Invest 20$ in a braun Coffee/Spice grinder and grind to your preferred size, then use hario V2 filter paper. That's how I do it :)

@sexybiggetje I have the cheaper "blade" type grinder, but I've never been happy with those kind of ones as it's difficult to control the grind size. They don't really produce consistent grinds, and all the proper electric burr grinders that have the compartment at the bottom are a bit big, which is why I haven't got one yet (my flat isn't very big! my wife would kill me if I got more coffee stuff!).

@sexybiggetje Today I was making a batch of cold brew for the week, but I used pre-ground coffee that was quite finely ground for espresso, which is what my mistake was.
Next time I'll just stick to my manual hand grinder and :(

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