Hope I don't have any other disks fail in the next 16 hours.....


I really want to switch this NAS to FreeNAS, but I'm not sure if a ZFS on Linux pool will properly import into FreeNAS

@mhamzahkhan I am almost 100% sure it will. I've shared pools between the two when dual booting. Give it a test.

@farhan I think it depends on the version of the ZFS Pool. I haven't updated ZFS on Linux for quite some time, so I think it should work, but as FreeBSD doesn't seem to support extended attributes (according to : freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi?query=), I'm worried it will break a lot of things as I'm using SELinux on some of the datasets which are mounted on other servers over NFS.

@mhamzahkhan ahh...you must have been on a fairly old ZFS on Linux (the one using fuse?). There is a way to upgrade the zpool. Just make sure you have backups :)

@farhan Nope, I'm using ZoL, not the fuse one. I think moving my pool over to FreeNAS should work. According to zdb, the pool I am running on my ZoL is version 5000. The machine I built just a couple of weeks ago seems to also have the pool on 5000, so as far as I am aware, it should work fine if I just import it.
I'll have to give it a shot over the weekend.

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